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All our drivers are trained in CESVI Argentina. The vehicles are equipped with airbags and ABS brakes. Security has always been part of our corporate culture. The concept of individual and collective safety associated with the idea that, without exception, all accidents are preventable. Principles that must be borne by each employee 's daily work as guides.


To keep your eyes moving allows you to have a greater vision which avoids drowsiness and hypnosis keeping the driver more alert.


Avoid passing cars when weather conditions are critical. Also facilitate maneuvering when exceeded.


Always obey traffic signals is one of the pillars of this section.


To improve driver’s attitudes towards traffic and driving, adapt their behavior to the needs expressed for safe driving.


After completing the course, the driver is given a diploma that certifies the acquired defensive driving ability.

Photos in CESVI Argentina

Confident driver

Ergonomic operability
Following distance
Sobrepaso seguro
Night driving
React to unexpected events
Lane-changing, braking/evasive action

Improve driver attitude toward risk

Predictive driver

Techniques and practices in speed-controlled braking
Access to road shoulder
Dual decision
Wet braking

Optimize braking efficiency to extreme situations.

Ergonomic principles in the driver position

Specific target: Mastering the proper use of mirrors position. Ergonomics in the cockpit seat, backrest position, headrests, steering wheel position and posture management.

Curve test and against curve

Specific target: Understanding the vehicle behavior regarding dynamic loads transfers and in the event of full braking when cornering, do so with the appropriate technical capacity of controlled braking and at the right time.

Slalom test

Specific target: To practice the arm technique, control turning radius and assess the size of the vehicle.

Test of braking and swerving

Specific target: Evasive maneuvers to incorporate techniques maintaining control of the vehicle at all times.

Test decision

Specific target: Making right choices in unexpected situations by maneuvering successfully and maintaining control of the vehicle at all times. It is essential to use peripheral vision and management techniques exercised before.

Estimation of braking distance

Specific target: To experience the impact that the speed has in the braking distance and practice controlled braking technology.
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