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We have innovative solutions designed for Business: corporate plans, checking accounts, online reservations, customer service 24 hours, modern units, punctuality and professionalism. Whichever the type of unit, staff of your company will have the comfort available on the market.

In a globalized world that requires higher quality standards every time, TRASLADA is the company of choice when hiring a transfer service

Exclusive vehicles for your company

Exclusive units for your company to ensure the arrival and departure schedule which favors the satisfaction and employee performance.

Timely and in an appropriate manner

We understand that when we are hired, we step within the production chain so our priority is that employees arrive at their destination in a timely manner.

Units equipped with GPS and satellite tracking

When connected via GPS, we know where our vehicles are at all times. Security and control of our units is a key point that sets us apart and puts us above our competitors.

Response time in the case of any incidents.

If the unit were to have a problem, through our distributed units and affiliates throughout CABA, we send a replacement within 30 minutes.


In traslada we have the most convenient form of payment for companies. With Corporate Current Accounts you just need to deal with the booking and travel. Our Reservation Center operates 24 hours, 365 days a year.

You can also make reservations through our on-line platform and track the status of it.

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